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My Warrior's Sickle Cell Battles

My son is a sickle cell warrior. His sickle cell diagnosis was made shortly after birth and he struggled with persistent pain crisis, blood transfusions and hospital stays among other unpleasantriesHe experienced his first acute chest syndrome in 2013. The doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant after his second acute chest episode in which he needed physical therapist assistance in order to walk again. Bone Marrow Transplant is the only know cure for Sickle Cell Disease.  He is our superhero and fought to defeat sickle cell disease. He believes that with God, all things are possible.
There are millions of children in the world suffering from sickle cell disease. We are creating awareness to this deadly disease. At the same time we need to advocate for more funding into research needed to find a better cure for this deadly disease. Gene therapy is underway and we pray to God that it is the cure we have been waiting for and that it is economical for everyone to take advantage of.

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