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Shhhhhh…Quite Time


It’s my day off work. It is however another busy day. Another day of waking up early to get the children ready for school. Packing lunch boxes and making sure that home work files have been properly placed in their school bags.

I waited patiently for the school bus to come and as I waived goodbye I walked briskly back home. I had woken up earlier to clean up the house, do some washing and some other household chores and finally, I had some me time. I walked over to my room and put on my radio to listen to some inspirational music. I laid on the bed and with eyes closed I began to hum along.

Amidst all of life’s storms and worries, being able to find that moment of peace goes a long way in helping not just the body and mind but it also helps to maintain your sanity.

Disconnecting from life’s hustle and bustle once in a while and taking time to take care of you is very important. You need to give yourself a break. You need to get refreshed. Take time to care for yourself. Pamper yourself after all, you deserve that little bit of occasional self indulgence with all of your hard work.

I love music. I feel elated each time I listen to music. It brings a beautiful soothing to my soul. Your quite time could be spent reading a book or watching that fun movie. You could have some yoga time all by yourself. It could be a quite time of self reflection and meditation. You could take a walk by the seaside and just enjoy the scenery and listen to the sound of the ocean.

The environment does not always have to be entirely quite. It could be a time at the salon getting your nails done or getting a massage or foot scrub. The ability to find that place where you are at peace and you feel the calmness, joy and happiness is all that matters.

As long as you are able to find that that special activity that gives you the relaxation that you need then you are on the right track.

I remember once at the hospital lying all cuddled up with my little boy. We laid there for a long time just listening to music. He slept after just about thirty minutes but I just laid there with him and I felt peace and calm for a really long time.

Having long hospital stays could sometimes be very tedious. With Doctors and Nurses coming in and out of your room. Feeding you with lots of medical jargons. With infusions, massages, medications and physical therapy among others. Sometimes you just want to take a break.

It could be very difficult and challenging to leave your sick child with a total stranger while at the hospital but there are dedicated well trained and kind hearted volunteers in most hospitals who are there most of the time to help and assist while you get that once in a while time for yourself. You can only take care of your sick child if you are well yourself and in the right frame of mind.

Sometimes all we need to do is slow down and take a deep breadth when life becomes so busy. You can only give so much to others when you yourself are well enough.

You need to stay strong by taking special care of yourself. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep rising above your problems and difficulties.

To all the warriors out there trying to overcome that obstacle, as the sun always finds a way to shine through the clouds so shall you triumph over your problems. Stay Strong, Stay Positive. God's got your back.


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