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Love truly Heals

Love is a powerful force that if transferred can produce intense feeling of happiness and emotional uplift. The emotional energy that comes from being loved can help ease the pain and lighten the most depressed spirit.

As I sat reminiscing about the health problems that my family had experienced over the years, and how majority of the improvements in our lives could be credited to the prayers, love and encouragement of family and friends and even a lot of people that we did not know personally but who have showered us with love and kindness, my passion for talking about love was re-ignited.

I have written a couple of articles in the past about the importance of love and how selflessness plays a crucial role in the healing of a sick or depressed person. Love is however a topic of paramount importance that would continually be interwoven into other topics that I write about and I believe the basis upon which healing takes place.

We can all be agents of healing by sharing some love. We can all help bring about healing by sharing words of encouragements which would go a long way in making the life of another better.

Over the years, I have met a lot of volunteers at the hospitals. These volunteers dedicate their time and resources to help create fun and entertainment for the sick people in the hospitals. I see some volunteers playing musical instruments. Playing musical instruments can help ease tension. I see some others donating toys. Making toys available could make that sick child want to get up from the sick bed and move around to play. I have also witnessed some other individuals and groups donating books which could help in relaxation and all of these activities fosters healing.

From experience I would say again as I have said in the past that fun and entertainment creates a lot of positivity in the life of a person that is going through pain, emotional distress or even depression and that is what this blog is all about. Entertainment helps to eliminate that feeling of anxiety and stress.

Love is praying for the sick. Love is giving to the needy. Love is giving that beautiful smile and hug to make that person happy. Let's continue to show some love because love heals.

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