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Your Personal Adornment

"Oh my God!!!!" I screamed almost hyperventilating.

I was in the car alone with my husband who was driving. We were on our way to a wedding all dressed up.

"Are you okay?" My husband asked bewildered

"I did not use my ear-rings" I exclaimed looking downcast

The look on my husband's face told me I needed to get a grip on myself or I could be taking the cab back home. The look he gave me was a look that said "Seriously!" "All that scream just because you forgot to use a small piece of jewelry".

That was me and I know a lot of ladies go through that same unnecessary ordeal at one point in time or the other. Be it in the jewelry or make-up department we always seem to make a big deal out of nothing.

I know some friends who would never go out without their make-up. According to them, If you are not Alicia Keys fine, then don't go the "all natural" route.

They give you this look when you tell them to go without make-up:

Okay back to business; In reality, we are all beautiful in our own ways.

I was born with a birthmark on my face and when I was little, I used to be so self conscious about it. I tried to decipher what people think about me basing it all on that big spot on my face. I have grown to love my birthmark and regardless of what anybody thinks about it, that birthmark would always be my beauty spot. It is what makes me unique and it adds to my personal adornment.

A lot of people hide their scars, their tribal marks or even birthmarks with lots of make-up. There is no amount of make-up however that can hide a bad character. You can pretend to be good for as long as you can manage it but your true self will eventually present itself.

As I sat there in the car beside my husband, I began to think how beautiful it would be if each and every person can put in as much effort into taking care of their inner beauty just the way they do to their outward appearance.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in appearing beautiful all the time but how beautiful are you on the inside? How about your character, your disposition towards making other people happy. Would the qualities you exhibit make you stand out in a crowd? Does it have a positive effect on the people around you?

Over the years, I have attended lots of social gatherings and the use of personal adornments have always added class and elegance to the atmosphere.

Jewelry is appreciated all over the world. A small piece of Jewelry can turn your entire outfit into an extraordinary show of extravagance. A lovely pearl would compliment the smallest of attire to make you look like royalty.

Precious gems like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, gold and pearls among others are usually very costly but beautiful. They are of great asset to whoever owns them. A beautiful piece of jewelry can make one stand out in the midst of thousands, and having on a piece of precious jewelry is dignifying.

Just the way we adorn our outward appearance, we can also adorn our inward appearance. We can add beauty to our characters by adding some glitters of love, joy and happiness which makes us shine and glitter in a world that could be sometimes gloomy.

What are the personal features that characterizes your life? When you define yourself, what are the qualities that makes you who you are or identifies you? . What are your personal attributes or traits? Do you adorn yourself with love, warmth and kindness? Does your joy, peace and happiness radiate to others around you? Do people see you as a goodhearted person? Do you exhibit characteristics that people around you would term "beautiful"?

How well do you carry yourself? As a lady, does the characteristics that you exhibit radiate your beautiful qualities? As a gentleman, do you exhibit that quality that would make you stand out in the midst of a thousand men?

How often do you show love and help the needy? How often do you pray for the sick? Are you your neighbor's keeper?

Wear your happiness with pride. Wear your love with enthusiasm, because when you give love, you get love back. Let your inner peace flow freely. Continue to develop your personal characteristics and you will always have the beautiful qualities of a precious jewel.

Here's a little piece:

My Personal Characteristics, Like a Precious Jewel

Like gold, so is my lovingness, Behold it's lustrous shimmering beauty.

Like silver, so is my perseverance, Behold the glory and the glamor.

Like bronze, so is my smile and peace, Behold the glimmering treasure.

Like sapphire, so is my sweetness and politeness, Behold the captivating and alluring adornment.

Like diamond, so is my joy, Behold the appeal and enchantment.

Like crystals, so is my pride and courage, Behold the power and the dignity.

Like pearls, so is my honesty and Respect, How magnificent, how awe-inspiring, how splendid,

Such are the features that makes me beautiful.

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