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Mum! My daughter yelled from across the room from me.

"Yes my dear" I replied. "Do you need anything?

"Where did you keep my iPad? she asked

I smiled because I knew what was coming. It has become our almost everyday routine since it's first occurrence a couple of weeks back.

"The iPad is in a safe place" I said"I am just waiting for you to finish tidying up your room so I can give it to you". I completed with a grin.

"Can I do it later? She asked. "I feel so tired". She added.

"Not a problem", I said. "I guess being so tired, you won't want the additional burden of an iPad, so as soon as you feel strong enough to tidy your room, let me know so that I can get the iPad ready for you".

Fifteen minutes later:

"Mum I'm done tidying my room, can I have my iPad?"

"Wow" I exclaimed "That was quick" I said with a chuckle. "Sure, you can have it." I said as I handed over the iPad.

As much as small electronic devices is becoming an obsession for our youngsters, it definitely has it's advantages. From experience, I would say that video games to an extent goes a long way in creating a kind of diversion from pain also. It takes your attention from the pain and focuses it on the game being played.

Most hospitals that we visit would have televisions and other distraction strategies like toys, bubbles and music among others.

Overall, there is a limit to everything. According to the popular saying "Too much of everything is bad". If you need to use small electronic devices like iPads as distraction, do it with good judgement.

It's another beautiful day to be strong, brave and optimistic.

"I can do this" Say it! Believe it!

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