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As I sat in the hospital room feeling bored and a little depressed, I looked over at my son and realized he looked even more bored and frustrated than I. I realized I was not only making myself more miserable by indulging in self pity but I was also sending the wrong signal to my son. By exhibiting that gloomy attitude and unhappiness, I was transferring that negative energy of depression to him.

I stood up and walked over trying to think up something fun to say to him to make him more lively and also brighten up the atmosphere.

“Hey sweetheart, do you still have that soft ball?" I asked him "Want to do some throwing?” I added.

I had purchased a little softball for him from the hospital gift shop some days back. I had bought it to cheer him up but obviously just holding the ball wasn’t doing the trick. That was not enough. I guess the ball needed to be played.

Immediately I asked him if he wanted to play the softball, his whole countenance changed. It was like magic. It was as if a genie just came out of nowhere and disposed all of the world’s happiness on him. The smile that immediately took over his sad countenance was amazing to behold. Seeing him look so happy did a lot to me also. It made me so happy and immediately we both had a sense of purpose.

You can turn your youngsters sick days into a fulfilled day. It is just surprising and amazing how a little bit of your time can make a difference in your child’s life. You can make those gloomy days fun by engaging in fun activities together with them.

There is a popular saying that “A body in motion remains in motion”. So get up and do something creative on sick days. I have compiled a list of fun things that you could do.