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But you have what I do not have…

I was combing my daughter’s hair and thinking how beautiful she looked, I decided to give her a compliment.

“You are so beautiful Sweetheart” I told to her.

“You are beautiful too mum” She replied.

“Thank you my love” I said to her, “But your hair looks so lovely and you are just so cute” I added.

She gave me a response that got me really thinking.

“Do you wish you were me mum?” She asked.

That question took me by surprise and gave me something to think about.

Many of us would have loved to be someone else because we believe that the other person is more beautiful or more enterprising or more likeable.

Everyone is special in their own distinct ways. I could be that quiet, shy but interesting AfriAmerican girl and you could be the timid but beautiful Asian girl, or the not so very social but genius American guy, or the brilliant prim and proper Latin American gentleman or the strong and caring African man or the small but cute European girl among others. Everyone has his or her own distinct feature and amidst those features lies something special.

You might think you are just plain but what about that sweet Vocal ability that you possess. You might think you are just simple but what about your big heart and the people whose lives you beautify.

We all have different features that makes us beautiful in our own ways. Every person possess a quality that makes them unique and valuable. We just have to reach inside of ourselves to realize our potentials.

Always be yourself and love what you have and believe in your abilities. It is okay to love someone else. It is okay to have an admiration for someone else. What is not okay is you belittling yourself because you believe you are not that other person.

Look at your beautiful heart, your lovely smile, your kind soul, your inestimable capabilities. Your sweet vocal abilities and your huge laughter. You are jovial and you have that exuberant air around you. You have a high spirited nature that makes everyone around you happy.

So even though you are a great extrovert and everyone hears and love you, your neighbor might be that other quite introvert who is a great listener, a great observer and a great friend.

At the end of the day, even though I have what you do not have and you have what I do not have, “We both have something Special and Unique about us”

Stay true to yourself, love yourself, get rid of that insecurity because you are you and you are special.

To all the those fighting a battle out there, to all the Sickle cell Warriors out there, I say stay strong and stay special.

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