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When I hug you, I feel peace.

When I hug you , I feel happiness.

When I hug you, I feel contentment.

When I hug you, I feel a refreshing.

When I hug you, I feel love..

When you hug me, you feel love.

When we hug, WE FEEL LOVE.

Ever thought about what nice words to say to show how much you love someone?

Ever thought about the right words to say to show your affection for someone?

Ever thought about writing a speech to tell exactly how much love you feel for someone?

It could be a very grueling effort trying to determine what can make that sick person feel better.

So how about doing something different that does not require a lot of brain exhaustion that shows love and really works.

How about giving a hug.

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything to make me feel better. All I need is just a hug and I get an overwhelming peace.

When you hug someone genuinely, you feel a warmth and peace that comes with the embrace as much as the other person receiving the hug. You get reciprocated emotional uplifts. There is a transfer of positive energy.

A hug sometimes can achieve what millions of words cannot achieve. Sometimes all you need is just that quiet peaceful hug.

You will be quite surprised and amazed at what a difference a simple hug can do in the life of a sick person. It is like a healing power.

Love is sharing. Share love today with a very big and tight hug. Share a big hug with that person battling that problem. Share a hug with that person around you that feels lonely or stressed. Share a hug with a Sickle Cell Warrior today and a make a positive difference.


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