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When Push comes to Shove, How much do you love them to say No?

Here we are playing together, I and my children, laughing, giggling and running around.


It's a very beautiful sunny day. I give them a big hug and we got in the car to take a liesure ride.

"I love this children endlessly". I thought to myself as we drove to the store where I got them some really nice toys and then we headed back home. We got home and settled to our normal everyday chores.

Then came the once in a while occurrence. The kids break the rules. For discipline, I knew it was time for them to go on a "time out" where they sit in a corner and use that quite time to think of their actions and the consequence, and then think of how they could make better choices or decisions next time.

I looked at them standing there in front of me. They looked so adorable and cute. And those big brown eyes are just so precious. Do I really want to scold these children in all of their cuteness? I asked myself. I also love them so much and I really don't want them to get sad.

It is time to make that hard decision. Do I just wave their misbehavior? Do I just overlook it because they are kids?

Then I said to myself:

I love you my child and I will do everything to make you happy but I will not over-spoil you at the expense of your responsible future.

-So when push comes to shove…..I will scold you to make you better.

I look at you and I see you crying because I scolded you for doing something wrong and looking at you cry breaks my heart tremendously.

-However when push comes to shove, even though your cries make me weak. I will scold you even more to make you better.

It's time to do your homework but you want to play some more. I say a big "no" and that made you sad. I feel sad too and I wish I could let you play some more.

-When push comes to shove however, I will make sure you do your homework at the right time so you can understand the act of priortization.

It's time to clean your room but you really would rather play a video game instead. "Mummy can you clean it for us please?" They asked in the nicest way. I know they were old enough to clean their rooms themselves so I shook my head in disagreement and that made them sulk.

-When push comes to shove my dear little ones, I will make sure you clean your rooms so you can learn the importance of self dependence and responsibility.

So even though my corrections might bring some tears, even though my scolding might draw some tantrums, I find strength in the knowledge that I am preparing you for a better and beautiful tomorrow.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

-Frederick Douglas-

How much do you love your children to say “No”?

Our Children needs lots of love, care and affection. As much as we respect our children's happiness, helping them to understand what is right from wrong and involving them in household chores would help mold them into good, caring, responsible and respectable adults.

Having a Sick child could mean giving the child a lot of extra attention and being lenient on a lot of other things. A lot of moderation is however necessary because at times our little cuties can begin to see our leniency as an avenue to get away from doing tasks or taking some responsibilities. They can sometimes misuse the attention. So while trying to please and make our sick child happy, we should also try not to over overindulge the child.

May God bless our beautiful children. To all those fighting a battle out there and to all the sickle cell Warriors, I just need to say you are very much loved. Stay strong and keep up the good fight. We will definitely win this battle.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

Proverbs 22:6



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