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Dazzle in your Worth...

It is International women’s day and I want to send a very big shout out to all the wonderful, beautiful and courageous women out there.

Today actually reminds me of a past event.

It was one of those days when you are feeling down and all you want to do is just lie there doing nothing.

As I lay in bed in my room trying to take my mind away from the Primary dysmenorrhea (Menstrual pain) that had taken control of my entire body systems, I looked over at my husband lying on the other side chanting some encouragement to our renowned Minnesota Timberwolves all excited. The Timberwolves are the Minnesota based American professional basketball team and they were playing a very good game that faithful day.

As I looked at my husband, I felt a little bit of envy that he could be having so much fun while I wallow in my pain most especially since I had complained all day about my pain.

As I sat there in pain and stared at my husband with a great sense of envy, I felt like throwing some pillows at him or just walking over and switching off the TV so he could feel my pain. I smiled at my mischievous thought and decided not to because it wasn't his fault that we women go through a lot of experiences that could sometimes be painful or even unbearable like our monthly menstrual cycle , the pain of c