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I remember the last vacation that I took with my family. It was a friend’s wedding in Wisconsin and we decided to make it a vacation since we had never visited Wisconsin and Wisconsin is home to the famous Wisconsin Dells with its numerous waterparks. We decided to make it a road trip.

We got everything ready for the trip. We had the car washed. The engine was recently serviced so we knew we were in good shape. We checked to make sure the gas tank was full. We got everything else packed. Everything was finally in place. We were ready for the trip, nothing can go wrong now, or so we thought.

It was time to go and the kids were so excited. We got in the car and started our journey to Wisconsin. We were almost halfway to our destination when we got a flat tire. It is amazing how tires sometimes pick up nails in the most unlikely places.

A flat tire would have been a minor problem to fix if there was air in the spare tire but that was something we overlooked during our preparation. The spare tire was not in a good shape and to compound our problem, we were in the middle of nowhere so it was difficult trying to get a phone signal and as much as we tried, our effort proved futile so we couldn't call for help.

We were nowhere near a gas station where we could have gotten a air pump for the spare tire so we knew this was going to be a very big problem. A problem we did not anticipate.

We continued our trip after a lot of hassle trying to stop one of the many oncoming cars so we could get help to the nearest gas station.

With the increasing crime rate in our society it was not an easy task