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It usually starts with me closing my eyes so I don't see it coming. Then I get all fidgety and then squeeze my eyes really tight trying to blank my mind of the impending trauma as I consider it.

That would be a description of me anytime I had to get poked by the dreaded needle "Injection" for vaccination or hospital lab work. I really don't know why I do all that because it does nothing to help the situation. Getting shots for me always comes with a lot of drama even though most times the pain is instantaneous and then you are okay.

I remember those times growing up when I already knew the pain of a needle and the doctor would say in his most gentle voice "Trust me, it doesn't hurt. It's just a little sting". I always looked at the doctors like "seriously".

An injection which is simply a way of administring blood or other fluids into the body with the use of a needle that goes through the skin for health care is a big phobia to many. There is a funny quote that says "Happiness is expecting an injection from the doctor but getting a tablet instead"

Most people would go out of their way to avoid getting medication via the needle. I for one would sometimes fake recovery in order to avoid more pokes. The first question I usually ask when in a needle situation would be, "Is there an oral form of this medication like a tablet that I can take instead?" I would rather have the medication take a less painful route into my body.

Many of us only get poked occasionally when we go for our annual flu shot but there are millions of people all over the world whose lives revolve around the needle. It is very important that they get blood drawn regularly for preventive care so they don't develop some very critical health problems.

A lot of SickleCell and Diabetic patients among others with life threatening diseases get blood drawn regularly. Blood is usually drawn to measure heamoglobin levels or for the Diabetic patients to measure blood glucose. For others, it could be to check for kidney or liver problems amongst others.

The needle is a big phobia to many but when it becomes a necessity for your survival then you turn your phobia into bravery. You turn your fear to courage.

You are definitely a hero if you have to endure the poke of a needle all the time in order to stay alive. It takes a lot of bravery to get poked frequently with the needle, be it for blood transfusion, blood test or for intravenous (IV) procedures to deliver fluids through the vein amongst other situations.

For all the SickleCell Warriors out there and for every other person going through the needle situation frequently, continue to be brave and be strong. You will definitely win the battle. Your joy is coming because God has got your back.

Hold on the to saying "Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning".

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