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Our September Mission; Our Battle, Our hope....

Having a family member with a deadly disease tend to ignite ones passion and desire to help in eradicating the spread of the disease. You want to do what you can to destroy and put an end to the suffering of your loved ones and others in similar situations.

September is Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month. I was with Sickle Cell Foundation of Minnesota a couple of days back creating awareness to Sickle Cell Disease. It fills my heart with joy and happiness that there are lots of other advocates out there also educating about the deadly disease.

Although awareness is being made all year long, it is awesome to have a month dedicated to reflect on the disease and celebrate the bravery of the Sickle Cell Warriors.

It is never easy to watch a loved one in constant pain especially when you know it could have been avoided. You feel depressed and emotionally drained while you experience the pain that ravishes them both physically and mentally. More so when you know there is not a viable cure to take away the pain.

The hurt you feel pushes you to do something to prevent others from going through the same ordeal. According to the popular saying, "Knowledge is power". Creating awareness is a form of empowerment. The information you give is power. You give others the power to make positive choices when you educate them of the implication of a particular action.

Awareness is a positive step taken to enlighten others in order to get rid unpleasant situations. Educating the world about Sickle Cell Disease would help reduce the number of babies born with the disease. It would help those living with the disease to take positive actions towards wellness. The ultimate would be the eventual elimination of the disease.

Helping to find a cure through scientific research and supporting financially would be an awesome contribution in the Sickle Cell community.

Creating awareness to the disease is a way of calling the attention of people all over the world who have the scientific skills as well as those who have the financial means to help support the struggle in order to put an end to the pain and agony that comes from having disease.

Educating the World about Sickle Cell Disease is a major role we take in breaking the Sickle Cell Cycle. Sickle Cell Awareness would go a long way in helping couples aspiring to have babies to avoid future unpleasant surprises. Our hope is to have a world free of Sickle Cell Disease and the agonizing pain it brings.

Fast Facts About Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell Disease is an inherited form of red blood cell disorder. The red blood cells are abnormally crescent shaped. It is a chronic condition in which there is not enough healthy red blood cells capable of carrying adequate oxygen throughout the body. It causes Chronic pain and could lead to damaged body organs.

Bone Marrow Transplant is the only known cure for Sickle Cell Disease but it is a brutal process. It is therefore imperative that we get a better cure.

Sickle Cell patients require a lot of blood transfusions in order to avoid severe complications. Blood donation is always required and appreciated.

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