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You Can Feel The Pain

I let the tears flow as I reminisce on life's complexities. It seems so very complicated when you see things change or happen so unexpectedly. Life sometimes could seem so unfair. "You tell me": "Isn't it unfair that you see someone now and the next moment, they are no more?" "Is it fair that after fighting really hard, praying and being positive, life still seems to take its course and the unexpected bad situation happens."

It was a soul stirring time as I had just heard of the demise of a dear friend and my heart ached. At the moment, I felt I was lacking both the physical strength and emotional willpower to handle the situation. I felt the pain of the children of the deceased and I teared up the more.

I see myself as a strong, brave and stout-hearted person but when emotional weakness comes crawling in, I let it take its stride. I let nature take its course. Having a little meltdown could actually relief the emotional stress, and that seems to always put things back into perspective.

A lot of people would say it is a sign of weakness and unbelief to cry. Yes, it is a sign of weakness which is part of being human. It is a sign that one is not made of stone. Even Jesus wept in the bible when he heard about the death of Lazarus.(John 11:35) If Jesus could weep, then who are we to think we are invincible to emotional weakness. It's okay if you feel sad. It only becomes a problem when you let it take over the rest of your life.

It' okay to feel the pain. it's ok to be upset. It's okay to feel helpless. Let those emotions take their natural causes. Those tears are silent prayers to God to take control of the situation. Some people are more tolerant of the emotional stress of life than others. Take your time to heal. Take enough time to let out all the emotions but don't make that a permanent abode.

You are strong because you are able to cry now and still get back up and continue the fight for that which you believe in. You are strong because you are not afraid to show your emotions. Be yourself and respond to situations positively, learn from experiences and know that after the rain comes the sunshine.

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