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The Strength of a Mother

I stood in the hospital room looking at my son who was lying really still with the oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. I did what I had done so many times in the past. I drew back the tears and silently prayed for a miracle.

My daughter on the other side of the room looked at me. She smiled waiting for reciprocation. I summoned all the courage that I could muster to smile back at her even though I was crying silent tears on the inside. Keeping my emotions under control and well in check had become an everyday endeavor. Smiling amidst the tears has become a daily occurrence.

That was me trying to deal with my emotions while dealing with one of my son's many complications with Sickle Cell disease.

With the way I had been moving tirelessly around taking care of my son's needs, It is quite easy to believe that physical strength can be used to measure one's emotional strength. With physical strength you can exert force using your muscles to accomplish a lot of physical actions and with this comes some health benefits. With physical strength, you know what you are capable of and you tend to play within your limit.

When compared with physical strength, emotional strength would require a lot more attention as sometimes you get overwhelmed by some very difficult situation that could be difficult to deal with and it builds up and stretches the limit that your emotions would normally contain. Problems in life come without putting into consideration what you are able to handle.

When you have a problem that seems to be above you and you are able to respond appropriately and overcome, then that is your strength. As a mother, you do have a strength that you don't even realize you possess.

A Mother has a big heart. A mother's heart is an overload of diverse emotions for her children. A mother's heart carries not just a mountain of love but also the big burden of her children's welfare.

Being a working Mom would be the ultimate show of strength. It typically means working two jobs and only getting paid for one.

The fighting strength of a mother could be likened to that of a relentless warrior. A mother is kind, gentle, compassionate and a pillar of strength for her children. In terms of loyalty, a huge rock that stands solidly behind her children.

She is tired most times but still keeps going. She is strong because she does not complain. She is strong because she does not grumble. That is pure unconditional love.

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