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Tiny Cells of Horror

If I could see them, I would kill them! If I could hold them, I would squeeze the life out of them! If I could step on them, I would trample on them till they all die!

They are just a bunch of tiny misshapen cells but their effect is devastating. They have taken a lot of lives and they are still out there causing agonizing pain.

They are red blood cells which have been contorted into an abnormal sickle shape. The cells are sticky and could get stuck in small blood vessels and block blood flow creating lots of pain that could lead to very serious health conditions and sometimes become fatal. They are Sickle Cells.

Today is another World Sickle Cell Awareness Day. Days like this bring back lots of unpleasant memories of the effect of Sickle Cell Disease. Going down memory lane, it was distressing. It was nothing but loads of painful crisis, headaches and lots of emotional and physical stress.

Now you tell me why I should not get rid of the disease. My mission is to help put an end to Sickle Cell Disease. I am out to help find a cure to the disease. With a lot of awareness and education, we can put an end to the Sickle Cell Cycle.

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