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What do you caption?

I posed to take a quick selfie trying to make sure the picture was good. "No, this isn't coming out well". I muttered. I tried to change my angle to get the best shot of myself.

The lightening wasn't very good so I moved to a different part of the room with more light. Another problem - too much light. Again, I thought to myself, "I need to make this picture really good".

I need to figure out what part of the room would give me that close to perfect shot. I' realized that I'll have to take another long walk to the other side of the room.

Now it looks a little blurry. It must be the camera lens. As I stood there trying to figure out the best possible way to make this work, I began to think how this situation can be likened to how we can handle some circumstances in our lives.

Sometimes we just need to move a little away from our comfort zone in order to achieve our goals. We might need to try different options in order to arrive at the best resolution.

Do you love what you see when you look through that lens. What do you caption? Are you happy with your life. Does the picture you see of your life read success and accomplishments? If not, then move towards a more promising direction for a positive change.

Look for that perfect angle and take that perfect shot. If it doesn't come out well, capture more shots until you get a good one. If you do not like your situation in life, then it's time to take that giant step and walk towards your goal.

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